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What is battery

operated freight?

The train is a type of locomotive powered by rechargeable batteries instead of traditional diesel engines or overhead electric wires. These trains are designed to transport goods and cargo while reducing environmental impact and operating costs, where some of their advantages are:

Pacific Harbor Line, Inc. (PHL) provides rail transportation, maintenance and dispatching services to both Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, which together form top intermodal gateways in the United States.  

PHL tests EMD® Joule

When the Pacific Harbor Line (PHL) launched the EMD Joule zero-emission battery-operated freight train, their trial aimed to demonstrate and evaluate several key aspects of the technology in real-world conditions.

Overall, the trial of the EMD® Joule by Pacific Harbor Line showcased the potential for battery-operated freight trains to be a viable and beneficial alternative to traditional diesel-powered locomotives, advancing the push towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly rail transport solutions.

Work starts on first zero-emissions capable freight locomotive built in Australia

Australia’s largest rail freight company, Aurizon, today announced details of its investment to build the first zero-emissions capable freight locomotive constructed in Australia.